BACKSTAGE PASSES: Rock 'n' Roll Life in the Sixties by Al with Ben Edmonds Kooper

BACKSTAGE PASSES: Rock 'n' Roll Life in the Sixties

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Al Kooper's supercharged spiel of how he hustled and scammed his way into the music biz in the hype-ridden Fabian era may bring tears to the eyes of other aging rock stars nostalgic for their punk-teen apprenticeship years. Dylan and dope eventually made Kooper see the light, and another Tin Pan Alley greaser bit the dust. While still a nobody, he stumbled on to Highway 61 playing the organ, for chrissake, on the soon-to-be immortal ""Like a Rolling Stone."" Careening right along, Kooper joined The Blues Project, beloved among the cognoscenti, but soon that broke up and then it was the ""dream"" band Blood, Sweat and Tears which got away from him almost as soon as it was born. So what have we here? A musician who never realized his potential, a tissue-thin story (he thought/thinks that ""me the person was none of your business""), a quick fadeout circa 1969, and some heavy jamming in between featuring most of the rock personnel of the Sixties. All of it delivered like a joyless adrenalin rush.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Stein & Day