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developed by Alakmalak

Age Range: 3 - 7

Pub Date: Dec. 9th, 2011
Publisher: Alakmalak

This straightforward ABC app includes a writing pad for little ones to learn and write their ABC’s.

In this ABC book, each page features an upper- and lower-case letter, plus an accompanying word: apple for “A,” x-ray (yawn) for “X.” A terrific element of this app is a small drawing space on each page on which kids can use their finger to write or scribble in five different colors, providing an excellent tool for practicing their writing. For such an otherwise thoughtful app, unfortunately, the illustrations can only be described as awful clip-art. The pictures share no consistent style, and some of them have been stretched in alarming ways in a clear attempt to fit a predetermined shape and size. Each picture is slightly animated, but the effort would have been better used in creating (or at least finding) better art. The pleasant background design comes in a variety of colors on different pages to hold interest. Navigation is a very simple forward and back, which makes getting to a specific letter that might require more practice something of a chore.

Well-engineered for practicing ABC’s, but marred by inelegant illustrations. (iPad ABC book app. 3-7)