IS SALAMI AND EGGS BETTER THAN SEX? by Alan and Mimi Sheraton King


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Celebrity cookery and gustatory ramblings transcribed and commented upon by a food critic are here whipped up to provide lots of empty calories. If you crave death by cholesterol or simply must chow down just like a trencherman who is also a famous comedian, you may want to sample this. (According to the text, however, even King's loving wife doesn't share his tastes in fine dining.) To be sure, there are some mildly amusing comments on Mama's cooking, knoshing in the Catskills, boozing and other important matters. But the whole is larded too heavily with dropped names and expensive living. Zubin Mehta ""likes hot spices"" and Danny Thomas ""smells food before he eats it."" There are some nice comments on the late Joe E. Lewis which are unhappily diluted by concluding with King's jokes at Lewis' burial. Dollops of Chevalier and Sinatra, meals enjoyed on a yacht cruising the Mediterranean or in a quiet corner of ""21"" soon turn the effort slightly rancid. Sheraton's comments are in italics, lest you think the monologues are her contribution. The recipes, also in italics, are not prefaced with a customary list of ingredients, which may add to the fun. Who needs to add grease to the pan for salami and eggs, anyway? Just let the wurst do its worst first. But that's not the central question. Better ask, when it comes to celebrity eating, who cares?

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1985
Publisher: Little, Brown