A CHANGE OF PLANS by Alan Benjamin


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Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Brown/lived by a lake about five miles from town."" Except for signaling a bouncy tone, these opening lines don't give you much to go on--and all we're told in the remaining 24 lines is that the Browns, with their seven children and a whole list of resident animals, decide to go out for some ""fun"" and end up taking a boat ride, a swim, and a moonlight picnic. The details, and the entertainment, are provided by Kellogg, who fills the pages with cavorting crowds, silly signs, a funny circus accident, a floating wedding party that will be displaced by the Browns' menagerie, an airplane delivering guests, and, in general, a whole elaborate scene or mini-story for every bland line or couplet. Lots to look at, then; and if it doesn't amount to much, it's bound to occupy a small viewer's attention for the duration of a close-up perusal.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1982
Publisher: Four Winds