THE WORD FOR LOVE by Alan Burgess


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Madness is the word substituted for love later in this recapitulation of the before-and-after incidents which explain, not altogether. Rhodesian police officer Field's impulsive rape of a paleskinned native housegirl--an act he refuses to defend after his subsequent arrest, although she had deliberately incited the episode. Perhaps because he had been worn down by eleven years of a loveless and joyless marriage; harassed by the changing country as old ritual gives way to new power-and-hate agitation and, during a riot, had accidentally killed a native; and also because he has now fallen, seemingly hopelessly, in love with the daughter of an old Boer, Mr. Burgess (The Small Woman, The Lovely Sergeant) has not developed the story or its participants to any signal degree, but in a literal and direct fashion does engage and retain interest. The book may serve no functional commercial purpose, but it is gratefully non-exploitative as a contrast to Bwanas Ballinger, Ruark, Hardy, et al.

Pub Date: July 8th, 1968
Publisher: Dutton