THE WALLS OF JOLO by Alan Caillou


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An even more physical action tale than The Plotters, earlier this year, tells the story of Shay Sullivan, a career officer, and one of the occupying Army stationed at Jolo in the Philippines after the Spanish-American war. The fighting, however, is more brutal than ever and there are many murderous Moros to harry the military. Trapped on a pig hunting party, Sullivan is the only one selected for survival by Jokiri, the Moro chief who wants to become Sultan and a ""man of considerable menace"". With Dawson, an Englishman, captive and gone native, Sullivan is asked to serve Jokiri in a tutelary capacity and to help train his Moro fighters in modern warfare. Jokiri's daughter, Medina, has another use for him- she wants a white husband. But while Sullivan falls in love with Medina and sleeps with her, it is Dawson who is suspected of the intimacy and he is gelded in a hideous scene. The three escape-back to Jolo- but when Medina hears that Jokiri will attack, she returns to him and there is a last battle action as bloodthirsty as anything this side of cannibalism....While the Moros, bandying their barongs and splitting skulls like coconuts, are pretty primitive--the moral is that civilization in the jungle is more than a hat and in an open fight we're all savages. Men may absorb it.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1960
ISBN: 0595091466
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts