RAMPAGE by Alan Catlion


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In a number of sizzling adventure tales Alan Caillou has shuttled from one part of the world to another while his own personal adventures (The World Is Six Feet Square) explores yet another facet of life. Now in Rampage he takes his readers to the steamy Malayan jungles for big game hunting, which turns out to be game hunting of another sort. Harry Stanton, an American VIP in safari circles, arrives in Munich to combine talents with Otto von Abact on a trapping expedition for the German Zoological Foundation. Disliking each other on sight, they find even surface cordiality disappearing with the advent of an elegantly luseima blonde, Anna, introduced as Otto's personal secretary (as well as an experienced hunter, a crack shot, indispensable in the bush). Their uneasy safari gets under way, game stalking by day, amatory skirmishes by night -- with Anna out for Harry and Harry out for more immediate objectives and Otto with designs on both. Then, homeward-bound a train smash up frees the prize leopard to run amok. There are grisly slaughters before Anna and Harry corner it on a rooftop, and the odds are evened when the leopard gets Otto, Anna gets the leopard, and Harry gets Anna, a dubious reward. A predilection for violence adds too much spice and too little substance to the Caillou formula.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1961
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts