QUIET REBEL by Alan D. Sophrin


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The tearful approach to Civil Rights--""Betty couldn't get the message through to my head, so...so she sent it to my heart""--offers the slickest solution this year. Once Brad jackson, seventeen, has realized that his suburb is discriminating against Negroes by refusing to allow all-Negro Norton Township kids to enter Barton High School, he enlists the aid of the heretofore ignored Jewish brain, Arnie Weiss. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson opt for truth, and so does newly found girlfriend Betty Willard. But Betty's Dad, who is the veritable powers-that-be, does not, and his obsession with property values almost destroys the coalition when...Betty threatens to leave home. MeSsage received, father repents. Instant truth, melodrama, and a surplus of stammers--a shallow answer to a profound question.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1967
Publisher: John Day