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PSI HIGH AND OTHERS by Alan E. Nourse Kirkus Star



Pub Date: March 1st, 1967
Publisher: McKay

While ""The Watchers"" from the Galactic Confederation patiently await the verdict--freedom or ""Quarantine"" for earth, they review man's reaction to three past crises. In the Martyr we have a portrait of a civilization on the brink of immortality through the discovery of a rejuvenation process. The story moves beautifully toward its climax as the Senator who has been pushing a universal rejuvenation program slowly discovers that the cost is psychological suicide--man loses that drive that has brought him so close to the stars. In Psi High high Psis have become social pariahs, stigmatized and controlled until an enemy alien telepath arrives. Don't anticipate...this one has a real Hitchcockian twist. Finally Mirror Mirror shows humanity engaged in an unusual war with an elusive enemy. The solution lies in reflection...and in a very human weakness. Intelligent postulates; skillful story-telling which challenges, entertains.