NIGHT VISIONS 1 by Alan--Ed. Ryan


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An all-original fantasy/occult anthology--with seven stories by Charles L. Grant, seven from Steve Rasnic Tem, and four from Tanith Lee. The Grant yarns lack convincing backdrops and often come across as disconnected vignettes: a friendless blind kid's acquisition of a murderous playmate; various men tormented by ghostly relatives; an endlessly-repeating fatal accident; and a time-warp--brought on by a young man afraid of going to war. Tern, along with the usual vampires, spiders, crawly things in the road, and haunted overcoats, comes up with a couple of effective tales: a chilling slab of parental paranoia; an amusing/revolting yarn about a disagreeable spinster and her neighbor who farms worms. And Lee offers some middling, often insipid treatments of an orphan-family, a medieval vampirelover, unicorns, and adulterous paranoia. In sum: competent, undistinguished work in familiar fantasy/horror genres.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1984
Publisher: Dark Harvest (P.O. Box 48134, Niles, IL 60648)