THE LION'S SHARE: A Combat Manual for the Divorcing Male by Alan J. Ornstein

THE LION'S SHARE: A Combat Manual for the Divorcing Male

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Or The Pig's Portion. But that, of course, is all point of view. The advice dished up in this avowedly chauvinist plot to get the best of ""the bitch of Buchenwald"" (usually abbreviated here to just ""bitch"") from whom a divorce has just been granted covers virtually every contingency: working out the settlement, visitation rights, custody decisions. Never take the children permanently, says the author; you can't have the good life (or a red bedroom) that way. The tone of this is, quite simply, appalling. It's sarcastic, often bordering on plain mean, and drenched with the basic distaste for women that likely caused divorce in the first place. The author advocates prostitutes as partners, that being the simplest way to avoid entanglements (and ""uptight,"" non-orgasmic non-pros) until the pain of the recent break fades. As for remarriage, a new wife ""must be treated in the same fashion you would treat a talented child. Break your ass to encourage her to develop a talent, but keep yourself as the paramount force in her life."" What talented child even would want this crumb's crumbs?

Pub Date: June 26th, 1978
Publisher: Times Books