LOE BOY BL by Alan Kapelner


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Saroyanesque in its modern realism, but lacking in its very bitterness, -- the humanity, the poignancy, the faith in the dignity of man which characterizes Saroyan. It is a sordid tale of existence -- of a family at odds -- of a father , worshipping his eldest son, Chesty, in whom he sees the reincarnation of himself in youth, demanding therefore that he prove his strength in manual -- rather than intellectual -- labor; of a mother, stifling her eldest daughter with devotion, driving her to a hard, promiscuous life; Joe, the middle son and a blly, worshipping his father, hating Chesty, teasing the ugly youngest boy, Skinny. The mother dies; goes to Washington with a married man; Chesty is turned down for the Army because of his heart; and the father ends in defeat when his dream is shattered. Told in stream of consciousness style-moderness for itself alone.

Publisher: Scribner