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Alan LeMay, who made a strong start with The Searchers, continues to bring a new color and conviction to an old struggle as he returns to the desolate Texas territory of the 1870's where the Zacharys, the widowed Matthilda and her four children, have their soddy. It is Rachel- now 17- who is protected by Matthilda and the three boys- Ben, Cash and Andy- from the knowledge of her part Indian origins, while an old enemy, nursing an old hatred, spreads the rumor to the Kiowas that she is one of theirs. As Rachel learns the truth, it makes possible her until then unacknowledged love for Ben- the eldest, but it also brings on- with each Kiowa moon- the possibility of an attack. A neighbor's girl is killed- and Rachel faces their blame and bitterness, and finally when the Kiowas strike, they endure the long night in which Matthilda dies and her three brothers prove their devotion in her defense..... For a masculine market, an adamant action story which is superior in styling, corroborated by its serialization in the S.E.P.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1957
Publisher: Harper