THE LIVING LEGEND by Alan Phillips
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The living legend of the Mounties, Canada's unique police force, comes through in Mr. Phillips' apt contemporary and historical account of the RCMP- how it grew, its guiding ideals and its modern methods. The bulk of the narrative tells of actual cases both famous and typical and through them Mountie techniques and psychology are forcefully depicted. We follow a rejection of an applleant for training and the training of a good bet; we are given an intimate view of operation on the important principle that every policeman must sell himself if the idea of a democratic force is to be maintained; we see Mounties on the trial of city gangsters, of Arctic smugglers and of Communists as strong political enemies. The episodes read like detective thrillers- all true- and build a growing impression of the dignity and self reliance which have always characterized the Mounties and given them a special appeal for an American audience who thinks they are tops too. The Story market for this?

Pub Date: June 11th, 1957
ISBN: 1163817503
Publisher: Little, Brown