DIRTY WEEKEND by Alan Scholefield


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Scholefield's first mystery: a converging plots thriller that begins with in-hock Jack Benson hustling out of Hong Kong with Triad enforcers at his heels, then moves to London, where scruffy young tough Terry Collins is seeking a hideaway safe from coppers who want him for the stabbing of a telly star, and ends up in a tony business flat--where the frazzled Maria plans on betraying her errant husband with his old chum and partner Jack Benson. But by now the Triad's caught up with Jack; Terry, hiding in the loo, has witnessed the whole scene; and Maria mistakenly believes that Terry is Jack's vicious killer--and that she's next. Sorting out the various victims, killers, and motives falls to the appealing team of aging George Macrae and more vigorous Leopold Silver, of the London Serious Crimes Squad. Dependable veteran writer Scholefield (The Lost Giants, etc.) smartly puts them through their paces in a somewhat manufactured, synthetic situation. Still, this is a presentable debut for Macrae and Silver.

Pub Date: Jan. 9th, 1990
Publisher: St. Martin's