THE FUR MASTER by Alan Sullivan


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Further amplification of detail of Hudson's Bay Company for an early 19th century story of the pays d'enhaut and the men who tried to eliminate their competitors. Fighting just the Canadians,- their Northwest Company and the ""X Y"" -- Hudson's Bay sends Angus Campbell to turn out all intruders. Angus' son, hating his vanished father, working for the other side, is brought, through a sequence of events, to confront the man he hates. Recognition softens neither and the fight over fur intensifies their differences, particularly when Angus learns his son wishes to marry a French-Indian half-breed. A story of adventures in the strong woods as Angus, representing his English masters, opposes the buccaneer new order of the bois brules in which his son and the girl Julie are involved, and the ideals of honor to which each is committed; all are finally resolved with the collapse of Selkirk's settlement of crofters and the eventual amalgamation of the fur trapping industry. Interpolating drama into history, this provides outdoor, masculine adventure-romance in solid fare.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1947
Publisher: Coward, McCann