THE PURITY LEAGUE by Alan Williams


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Mr. Williams is just a John Birch branch out of his element in this far right fantasy. Magnus Owen is a conservative reporter for a conservative newspaper (imaginatively named The Paper). In fact he has a private vendetta against certain liberals who hounded him for the incident in World War II that left him a scar faced gimp. However he is somewhat wary of the sympathetic friendship of the right-eous Colonel Cane. The Colonel and his unusual group of allies seem to be involved in the harassment, and even murder of some censorious ""Beatnik"" avant gardists. The scene switches from the death of a homosexual theatre impresario to a Live Arts festival with its speak-ins and freak-outs to the sorry demise of an alcoholic film director. Magnus is supposed to use these events as a platform for judicious diatribes against the liberal establishment but his conservative conscience starts pricking him. . . . Most of this takes place in London with not a Hippy or a Yippy in sight. And aren't Beatniks out of style?

Pub Date: July 16th, 1969
Publisher: Putnam