JUGGERNAUT The Path of Dictatorship by Albert Carr
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JUGGERNAUT The Path of Dictatorship

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Here is history, here is biography, illuminating, exciting, revealing, a constructive contribution to the growing library of material on fascism. The author does not confine himself to the fascistic reflection of dictatorship, but divides his subject into three classes, -- dynasts, revolutionaries, crisis men. He suggests the historical basis of dictatorship, places emphasis on the relation between the economic classes, and holds out a hope that America can safeguard the principle of democracy. He has an uncanny insight into the future, and -- for instance -- foretells just the direction that British statemanship will take which a British speaker outlined last night on the radio, i.e., placating the fascist countries by lending them money to bring them into rapport on economic grounds. But the author brings evidence to show that the dictators today cannot be bought. In his text he weaves the lives of 20 dictators, drawn from various countries and various periods, and the result is an understanding and revealing book, applicable to the problems we are facing today.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1939
Publisher: Viking