WING SHOTS by Albert Dixon Simmons
Kirkus Star


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Here's a new angle on an old sport and a new market. Incidentally one of the most artistic books I've seen. The author-photographer shoots his birds on the wing with a camera on his gun. The result is quite indescribable, birds in seemingly impossible positions, strange angles, tilts and turns, exquisite cloud, sky and tree effects all combine to charm the artist, photographer and lover of picture books. Sportsmen will go wild over it for theirs will be the joy of recognition, of thousand memories, of sympathetic understanding and appreciation of the work and artistry behind such perfect pictures. It will be a grand gift for wing shooters to receive, an even better one for them to give, so that their friends may be initiated into the fellowship and enjoy the first breath-taking thrill of shooting with camera or gun. Be sure you have copies on various tables, with picture books, with art books, with books on photography and sport. It is excellent display material and will make beautiful windows.

Publisher: Derrydale