THE PIANO, Its History, Makers, Players and Music by Albert E. Wier

THE PIANO, Its History, Makers, Players and Music

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Here, forevermore, is the answer to the music teacher's query as to what to give as a prize, as a graduation gift, etc. For every earnest piano student will want this, every teacher, music school, public library will need it for reference. I know of nothing in recent years -- if ever -- that approaches it for completeness. It is virtually dictionary, biographical encyclopedia and compendium of information in one. Everything is there -- history, development, teachers and their methods, technique in ensemble work, in two piano works, as an accompanist, as a soloist. There are sections on teachers and on pianists, on composers, on class instruction and individual instruction, on memorizing, sight-reading. There are exercises given and passages interpreted. There is a section on records, there is critical commentary. And a bibliography leads on to other reading.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1940
Publisher: Longmans, Green