COURAGE IN KOREA by Albert-Ed. Tibbets


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The Korean War sets the stage for this compendium of short stories about nearly every aspect of battle, both on the field and behind the lines. For those like Sergeant MacInnis who believe the Navy took a back seat in time of real danger, William Chamberlain's story will be enlightening. ""Nothing unusual to report"", ended Moreland's communique with headquarters, but the reader knows better -- having gone through a series of hair-raising episodes as Moreland attempts to keep his craft afloat and ready to pick up the soldiers... Straight from training school, equipped with shiny gold bars, Lieutenant Mike hardly impressed his battle-weary platoon, until he risks his own life to save his sharpest critic ... Who would have guessed that the little hut with an old woman and a little girl was a center of Communist espionage -- who but Lieutenant Poole, a man ingenious enough to recognize written signals on laundry baskets... Male readers of all ages are given an excellent picture of an era in modern history.

Pub Date: Aug. 7th, 1962
Publisher: Little, Brown