An Intelligent Woman's Guide To  by Albert Ellis

An Intelligent Woman's Guide To

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Albert Ellis is at it again. Following hot upon the wolf spoor laid down in Sex and the Single Man (1963, p. 757) Dr. (PhD.) Ellis has some poorly written, highly questionable advice for single women that is not revolutionary-- it's just at a 180 degree angle. The advised vocabulary runs to ""Yes"" and the position recommended is horizontal-- immediately. According to Ellis, desirable men are very busy and have no time for the whims and crotchets of reluctant virgins. Sexual experimentation should, he says, start in the teens and be active without any fear of gossip about promiscuity. Men (he says) who are conservative about female sexual behaviour are fascists anyway, probably under parental domination and the influence of some orthodox religion. To one of his more incredible patients (there are odd case histories from his practice as a psychologist) Dr. Ellis said, ""Damn your mother"" because the old girl kept telling her daughter to hold out for a wedding ring. Female aggression is his key. Shy girls are out of it, suffering (in one of Dr. Ellis' own vulgar phrases) from ""a tied tongue and locked legs"". Although everthing written in the past year indicates otherwise, Dr. Ellis claims that women following his advice about stray pickups and early-to-bed should not worry about veneral disease because it's not prevalent among the upper income members of society.

Publisher: Lyle Stuart