FOLLOW THE RIVER by Albert I. Mayer


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A hefty historical novel of the early (post 1790) Ohio country when feathers and arrows flew and the squatters, outside of the two bona fide settlements, were sitting ducks for the Indians. This is redeemed from the more conventional war whoopla by the mild-mannered first person account of a former Philadelphia schoolmaster, Thomas A. Morrow, who leaves for this part of the new world to teach, ultimately to join General Harmer's army. Morrow makes the trip down river to Cincinnati in a flatboat he purchases from a likable loner, Phineas; falls in love with Melissa who is on another flotilla and only just survives attack; ultimately marries her and the close of the book deals with a final skirmish against the Indians which results in ""as unfortunate an action as any that has been fought."". . . Long enough (some 500 pages) to require a certain patience as well as predisposition on the part of the reader but more respectably written than one might expect.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday