NIGHT JOURNEY by Albert J. Guerard
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A compelling, prophetic adventure into the future world, a world not of startling technological change but of jaded moral and material decadence through the obscurity of long war. Idealistic young Sgt. Paul Haldan leaves his heroic commander to an almost certain death when he believes him to have been a traitor. Unable to assume the moral responsibility for his own actions, to accept the mixture of evil with good, Paul is forced into the frightening position of working as an underground agent behind the enemy lines where he feels certain he will meet his betrayed commander who had managed to escape from the death trap. Through an appallingly realistic background of ruined cities, feeling that he is the helpless victim of propaganda and military opportunism, Paul seeks to find and lay the ghost that haunts him. The problems, both philosophical and psychological, are of enduring importance set in an all too possible framework of the future which demands a judgment of the reader. An exciting adventure story which has both momentum and depth.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1950
Publisher: Knopf