THE ONLY LIFE by Albert J. Shamon


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Father Albert Shamon's stated purpose in writing this book is to make ""the interior life"", which is meant to culminate in personal sanctity, more desirable. Admittedly aimed at the laity, The Only Life attempts to argue its case in ""the popular idiom"". Unfortunately the author fails sadly in both the purpose and presentation. It is evident that Father Shamon is a dedicated champion of the subject matter he treats, but his book will satisfy only those who are already pursuing the life he hopes others will practise. His attempts to challenge layman to see that grace is the life of the soul, and that virtues are the powers of grace, fail because he does not show the ""how "" of such living today. It would be more useful for laymen to go to the source books the author mentions in his foreword such as Garrigon Lagrange's, The Three Ages of the Interior Life. The language might be more difficult but the time spent reading would be more profitable. The Only Life is disappointing because laymen are ready for the kind of book the author set out to write.

Publisher: Bruce