TOTAL TERROR by Albert Kalme


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An expose of slave labor, first Russian, then German, then Russian again, by a Latvian schoolteacher who incorporates with his own story that of many others in the Baltic countries- Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. From the time of his first arrest in 1940 to his final escape to Sweden, this records the activities of the Cheka and the Gestapo, the instruments of interrogation, the ""pain-extracted guilt"", the mass murders and the mass graves, the deportations (""voluntary migrations"") to slave labor camps to which two and a half million have been sentenced and from which few have survived. Offsetting this, are the members of the underground still fighting back, and the tenor of popular resistance- the ""courage of despair""- against Soviet suppression. An area which is unfamiliar, perhaps neglected, by American readers, for another record of violent victimization in our time.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts