TRIP IN A BALLOON by Albert Lamorisse
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Like The Red Balloon by the same author, the photographs and text are based on a in this case -- Trip in a Balloon. Almost as hypnotic in appeal, this again sees seal off in a balloon invented by his grandfather, a member of the Aeronauts' Club of . Photographs in dazzling color and black and white elevate us high above the roof, mountains and waters, as we follow the fate of what Grandfather hopes will be the modern and healthful means of future travel, and in the bargain gaze in full view at various picturesque sections of France. The first trip ends in explosion, with Grandfather and Pascal miraculously unharmed. On the second more extensive journey, the boy mans his own ship, steering the balloon as he pleases, bringing it down in the nick of time and sadly watching the elusive bubble fly away We and Pascal are not discouraged for we know Grandfather will soon be ready for a third try -- we hope Monsieur Lamorisse will be as well.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday