THE STORY OF MY PELICAN by Albert Schweitzer


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This year in books has given the world one in puppy-first person, another in kitty-cat entre nous, and now -- a pelican speaks. The fact that the text is by none other than the good Dr. Schweitzer gave the book a rather warm, moist reception abroad. However, when you cover up the author's name, what you literally have is a coy, even disjointed, account of the life and times of the Dr.'s favorite pet. A terrific degree of insight is attributed to the bird -- about people, other animals and the Dr. himself, but especially about the photographer, Anna Wildikann, who captured the Dr. and the pelican in some striking poses, of which some have been reproduced here. This is further (and a sentimental) documentation of Dr. Schweitzer's wellknown reverence for all forms of life. It is best suited to gifts for devout and unquestioning Schweitzer fans -- of whom there are many.

Publisher: Hawthorn