WINSLOW HOMER: American Artist, His World and his Work by Albert Ten Eyck Gardner

WINSLOW HOMER: American Artist, His World and his Work

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By the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which houses the largest collection of Winslow Homer, this is a new perspective of the American painter- ""one of the great standard monuments in the history of American art"" whose tremendous appeal in this country has never diminished. While in no sense attempting to compete with Lloyd Goodrich's definitive biography (1944), this does include a biographical sketch as a frame for the interpretation to follow: and a commentary on the intellectual (New England) as well as artistic influences and the all-important year in Paris (undervaluated by other critics); on his friends and other contemporary artists; on his work as a popular illustrator; and on his great paintings and their reception at the time, and a final evaluation. Homer continues to find both popular and critical acceptance, and his paintings endure- with their many virtues of straightforward realism and sincerity, boldness, solidity, sobriety.... This promises to be a very handsome book with 230 illustrations, 36 in full color, and if Mr. Gardner's estimate of Homer's abiding appeal is correct, it will be a substantial gift item.

ISBN: 0548453772
Publisher: Clarkson N. Potter