CANDIDO by Alberta Eiseman


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Candido is the pet llama of a Peruvian peasant boy, Paco Candido is set apart by the fact that he is a white llama and so pampered that he has never worked as a pack animal. Paco's father and older brothers, with adult patience and adolescent razzing respectively, make Paco realize that the animal is being wasted and must be trained. His initial attempts at giving llama lessons are amusingly disastrous. Paco winds up with a face full of llama spit. Then, Paco sees into and uses Candido's psychology. The vain animal is left without the ear tassels of the working llamas. Candido's need to be near and like the other llamas is employed against him until the day he seems to volunteer to carry a pack to market. Llamas have the silly/superior smirk that seems to be halfway between sheep and camel. Miss Obligado has captured that, as well as some marvelous Peruvian faces and attitudes in light, bright color. It is a clever story, easy to tell and show.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1965
Publisher: Macmillan