ROSEANNA MCCOY by Alberta Hannum
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Spirited, highly sympathetic novel which centers on an incident in the famous feud between the McCoys of Kentucky and the Hatfields of West Virginia, which makes the most of the romantic, tragic story of Roseanna McCoy who lost her heart to Jonse Hatfia Defying a vested tradition of hatred, unwilling to accept the hopelessness of their love Roseanna returns with Jonse as his bride-to-be, endures the enmity of his father, Devil Anee, and finally given up their plan to start off alone- with nothing-when she learns that the McCoys are planning to ride again. Her return to her family does not prevent an outbreak, and Devil Anse, losing a son, swears revenge and kills Roseanna's three brothers, even the youngest, a child. Reprisal does not end here, as Jonse is captured by Roseanna's father and Roseanna is forced to betray her family to save the man she loves... The drama of the times and the senseless, stubborn blood feud between fighting families. Affecting-absorbing reading. The most distinguished book Alberta Hanaus has done.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1947
Publisher: Henry Holt