THE LILAC CAPRICE by Alberta Murphy


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... maybe, but a deep purple mood for an offbeat of disconnected lives, vaguely connected by their participation in a small chamber orchestra in a Florida town. This orchestra is the release of Jullana Hormeni (only daughter of Cantabile) who is sponsoring it with her father's millions- Juliana who was crippled for life in the accident in which her mother deliberately tooks hers, and whose crutches are colored to match the gowns which cannot conceal her deformity or bitterness. We have also Erica, a musician, who, too, is the victim of a mother who shot herself- and is now drifting indecisively between Emmanuel, the conductor, and Arch whom she should marry. Arch is the last uncut umbilical cord- and he is protective towards his mad Mama whom he does not want put away. So that, when finally Erica is ready to marry him, it is his Mama who shoves her over a parapet to her death.... Cultivating the caustic as well as the cryptic, these lost people move through their limbo with erratic gestures and caseated conceits- but is there any really discernible method in this madness otherwise known as how far can the avant garde go.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1955
Publisher: Messner