YOU AND I: Meditations for Everyday by Alberto Moreno

YOU AND I: Meditations for Everyday

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This collection of meditations for each day of the year has everything that such a book should have: the meditations are very much in tune with the times, they are skillfully composed, they are practical, and, best of all, they take meditation out of its heretofore almost mandatory ivory tower and put it where it belongs -- into the street, the marketplace, into life. But it also has one defect which almost vitiates its qualities: it is a transliteration rather than a translation. The reader bogs down, therefore, in awkwardness of phraseology, in syntactical curiosa, in clumsiness of diction, and ends up by being more inclined to edit the book than to meditate on it. It is a great pity, for the book and the author deserve better. As it stands, therefore, You and I can be recommended only to the reader who is innocent of any sense of literary values.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1966
Publisher: Sheed & Ward