OUR GARDEN HERITAGE:, rom The Garden Club of  Bulletin by Alce Sloane-Ed. Anderson

OUR GARDEN HERITAGE:, rom The Garden Club of Bulletin

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Bedtime reading for the garden enthusiast will lead, in this case, to marked passages for practical follow through. This symposium of garden lore, philosophy and advice offers a wide range, not only of contributors but thoughts and opinion (sometimes opinions at variance such as pro and con feeding shade trees, using chemical fertilizers, types of mulch, etc.). Familiar names to the gardener include such people as Mrs. Mortimer Fox, Mrs. Francis King, Clare Leighton, Montague Free, Anna Gilman Hall, Mrs. Richardson Wright, etc. Articles are identified geographically- and the year of writing is indicated. Little of this material is current- but little, too, seems dated. Garden practice, regional flora, wild flowers and ferns, trees, shrubs, vines, lawns, rock gardens, water and bog plants, soil, compost and mulches, annuals, biennials and perennials, bulbs, iris, lilios, roses, camellias and house plants- all are included in this omnium gatheru.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead