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Travelogue in counterpoint, as JBP and his wife, Jacquetta Hawkes, separate at Kansas City, she to visit New Mexico and the evidences of ancient man in America, he to go on to Texas, where modern man is at his biggest and most glittering, in Texas' burgeoning metropolises. They exchange experiences and their own responses to these experiences in a series of travel notes. For my money- Jacquetta Hawkes makes the greatest contribution. Her earlier writing (A Land and Man on Earth) have introduced her to readers as a knowledgeable, sensitive recorder of survivals charting man's early history. Here she shares her experiences in New Mexico's pueblos, where she finds todays Indians living to an extraordinary degree as their forebears had lived. She visited Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos, Mesa Verde (in Colorado) and saw old and new in Juxtaposition. She watched some of the Indian ceremonial dances, and forgave some of the horrors superimposed upon old civilizations for what there still was in survival... Priestley, on the other hand, found little to like and was overwhelmed by the crude tastelessness of what he saw. He acknowledges that he saw only the cities- and should not Judge Texas by them. But Dallas and Houston and Fort Worth are not going to love him for his caustic, cynical comments on the life lived there. Definitely to be sold with discretion. This isn't everyone's meat.

Publisher: Harper