YOUNG WILIKIE by Alden Hatch


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One finishes reading this book with a feeling of regret that you couldn't have shared life with the Willkie family, either as a friend or a . They enjoyed living so hugely. From the lively father who always woke his sons in the morning by declaiming verses from the great poets at their open doors, to their busy mother who found time along with raising six children to become a lawyer and be the first woman admitted to the Indians bar, all the Willkie's were a gay, brilliant, alert and gregarious family. They lived and ate and almost slept discussing politics. The cause of the under dog was always their cause. When Wendll went to college, there ware four of his family there at the time, and so they hired a house, which so became the favorite meeting place of the University. An engrossing biography of Wendll Willkie from his birth through his college years.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace