NEW ENGLAND FRONTIER: Indians & Puritans, 1620-1675 by Alden T. Vaughan

NEW ENGLAND FRONTIER: Indians & Puritans, 1620-1675

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The destruction of the Noble Red Man by the Evil White Man is one of the cliches in coy capitals of frontier history. As this book shows, the concept just isn't applicable to the New England area where the Puritans treated the Indian in a remarkably humane manner. They did not crowd him off his land or deplete his resources, nor did they kill him off in bloody battles or subject him to cruel torture. Instead, they initiated a missionary program designed to give him education and religious faith. That their efforts failed in the long run was not entirely their fault. This essentially scholarly book surveys the Puritan-Indian relations in great detail, drawing heavily from primary sources. The footnotes and bibliography run to awesome length. However the book remains readable to a degree, contains some fresh insights on an important period, and will be of particular value to libraries in the New England area.

Publisher: Little, Brown