THE BRIDE by Alex Austin


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With a certain emotional effulgence, but a lot more naked sex, this is an account of the marriage of Kate Greenwood, from Jackson Heights, to Jack Bocarro, after its overture which includes a lot of talk about becoming and being a woman, then a wife, and all those First experiences which still do not make for lasting ones. Kate and Jack take an apartment in Greenwich Village, and Kate gets a job on a beauty magazine which will be a step up- also a stumbling block. It introduces her to the celebrity circuit and Casey Sterne, a writer with a tremendous lust for life and Kate. Jack and Kate soon drift apart; Jack hates wearing an apron and is soon lost and lonely; so eventually is Kate to whom permanence with Casey becomes an increasingly impossible alternative. And in between, there is a great deal of indiscriminate bedcrawling, with one episode of an induced abortion which leaves nothing to the imagination and everything to taste, or to put it otherwise, an appetite for venery.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1964
Publisher: olt, Rinehart & Winston