AFRICA UNBOUND: Reflections of an African Statesman by Alex Quaison-Sackey

AFRICA UNBOUND: Reflections of an African Statesman

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The author is Ghana's Ambassador to the United Nations and also to Cuba and Mexico. To judge him on the basis of this short book, he is a sincere, intelligent, and energetic statesman, with most of the makings of greatness. Briefly and forcefully, he outlines the African Independence movement and its historical background, using his own country as a not untypical case. He then analyzes the central concepts motivating African leadership today: Pan-Africanism, Negritude, positive neutralism and non-alignment. One of his main purposes is ""to correct the image of Africa... as a dark continent inhabited solely by savages""; another is to explain what is meant by the term ""African Personality"". He also has much to say about the issues raised by the Congro crisis, apartheid in South Africa, and the role of African states in the U.N. His contention, and his vision, of ""Africa Unbound"" involves ""the complete and total freedom of all Africa from colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism, and racial discrimination."" His arguments, while partisan, are luminous with honesty as well as conviction.

Publisher: Praeger