POULTRY IN THE PULPIT: Further Revelations of the Vet in the Vestry by Alexander Cameron

POULTRY IN THE PULPIT: Further Revelations of the Vet in the Vestry

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A second collection of stories, both earthy and inspirational, from the author of Vet in the Vestry (1989--not reviewed). Cameron, a good-natured Scottish pastor, family man, and former veterinarian, offers a series of colorful anecdotes about the sundry people and animals he has ministered to over the years. Starting his professional life as a country vet, and later serving as a clergyman with first a small congregation and later a much more substantial one, Cameron devotes himself wholly to those in need. Here, he recounts numerous experiences from his earlier days as a vet, such as treating a llama with rickets, restoring a cow's prolapsed uterus, and performing delicate eye surgery on an elderly Labrador retriever. And he intertwines those tales with accounts of his religious and community work, encompassing Sunday sermons, funerals, baptisms, and caring for wayward community members, alcoholics, widows, and the terminally ill. The goodly amount of philosophizing throughout (in particular, Cameron's struggle to make sense out of the great amount of suffering he witnesses) may prove off-putting to some. But his ability to capture lively country jargon, and his sense of decency, goodwill, and humor is sure to strike a universally pleasing chord.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1990
Publisher: St. Martin's