THE DEADLY EURASIAN by Alexander Cordell


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A doomsday horror tale of espionage and suspense in which a female Red Guard knifes, triple-crosses and outmaneuvers fellow spies and counterspies on the way to a Chinese plot to incinerate the U.S. Mei Kayling, product of a Chinese mother and a deceased English father, schooled in espionage, is sent with a group of refugees to Hong Kong as the first step in a rocky journey to investigate the nuclear explosion on Chinese soil by an American warship. The Negro, Richard, a U.S. seaman in charge of the shipboard nuclear assembly, was at first suspected of substituting the warheads on a routine maneuver. Richard, hiding out in Hong Kong, was obviously innocent, but Mei Kayling--abruptly falling in love with Richard--must nonetheless push on to America to uncover the American agent responsible. Nearly exterminated by the sadist who is working for the Big Business interests without the consent of the American government. Mei almost forestalls the nuclear Chinese plan. However, the thought of romping through the surf with Richard in China comforts Mei Kayling mightily as her plane leaves for the Orient while America pops away to the tune of 38 million American dead. British failsafe freezer.

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Weybright & Talley