EMPIRE CITY by Alexander- Ed. Klein
Kirkus Star


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A frazzle-dazzle treasury of all about New York, foreworded by Meyer Berger, gives a garbage to glamour portrait of the city that adds up to a champagne toast to the town. Our first commentators are E. B. White on the britt side, Lewis Mumford on the glum. Then there is a Grand Tour from Broadway to Brooklyn with such guides as Bemelmans and Capote. A sly look backwards provides such sights as Carrie Nation cowing J. L. Sullivan in his saloon, the Round Table in session, Dickens visiting the Tombs. The perpetually fascinating people who swarm in bright confusion through city streets are on show, as Capuchins, grate fishermen, Upper Bohemians and their opposites parade past. What the city has meant to a number of artists, as different as Henry James and John Steinbeck, is a parcel of the portrait. An intoxicating spectacle.

Publisher: Rinehart