THE COLD WOMAN: Her Way to Sexual Fulfillment by

THE COLD WOMAN: Her Way to Sexual Fulfillment

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The themes and statistics presented here are drawn largely from Dr. Levine's many years of experience in association with the Margaret Sanger Research Bureau. The book ranges from general comments upon changing social attitudes that have affected the sexual mores of the nation to specific analysis of five types of manifestations or complaints arising from frigidity and its side-effects. Concern over persistent ignorance, particularly of basic anatomy and of the nature of menopause (which is discussed at length), is coupled with the authors' conviction that frigidity is a communicable ailment, passed on from parents to their children by failure to establish a warm emotional climate in the home. Problems of this nature, they caution, are a threat to the stability of the family unit, and thus to society. A sound common-sense approach is followed throughout, with advice for both wives and husbands, making this a not inappropriate manual for premarital preventive study, as well as a guide for the conjugally perplexed.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1962
Publisher: Messner