LIONHEART by Alexander Fullerton


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This very nice long story, short novel, doesn't run to more than 100 pages. As a book it may be hard to handle. So is its central character, Andrew Fowler, an impressionable seven year old, verY touchy since the death of his grandfather who had been a Big Man. He'd mined gold, fought in South America, hunted wild animals. And his memory does much to diminish the actuality of his father who only sells pharmaceuticals. When a lion is mislaid by a circus nearby, and Andrew watches him one night from his window, he somehow confuses the nobility of the beast with that of the old man, and later has a chance to protect the lion-- by locking him in the stable. At the end however-- well, why spoil it. This is Just one of the good things which come in small packages and it should be emphatically empathetic for all ages.

Publisher: Norton