THERE GOES AN ACTOR by Alexander Granach


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This differs from most actor's autobiographies in being the story of the man rather than a recapitulation of theatrical experience. A full, detailed, colorful report on his early life, this is the story of a Jewish boy from East Galicia, where poverty and superstition and family life and religion shaped the lives of himself and his brothers. From small town, to small town, learning to be a baker, seeing his brothers leave, watching his family grow poorer, he finally ran away. He earned a livelihood by baking; he had various out of the way adventures, was kept by a Madam, he took part in a strike and finally made his way to Lemberg, where he saw his first play and was fired with ambition to act. Then Berlin -- and substituting German for Yiddish -- and acting with an anarchist group -- and studying under Reinhardt. He had his legs broken and reset, so that they would be straight; he fought in the Austrian army in the first World War, was taken prisoner, escaped, and with the ending of the war had the chance to play the part that was his goal --Shylock. Today, he is taking the part of Tomasino in A BELL FOR ADANO..... Autobiography which is not a carbon of other theatrical reminiscences and has unusual qualities to recommend it.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran