ROUND WITH TWO CHAINS by Alexander Janta


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A sequel to I Lied to Live, in which Janta told of his experiences bound out as a French captive to slave labor. Actually, he is Polish, though he sustained his French alias throughout. Transferred from farm labor, physically too much for him, he was sent to a factory, where greed, graft and fear predominated. Charged with sabotage and insubordination, he was next sent to a camp supplying labor to foresters -- he endured hunger, exhaustion, cold. Again shifted to a farm, he met --during an illness -- two Polish physicians, he simulated tuberculosis, was pronounced hopeless, and was shipped back to France and freedom. Inside Germany within the sphere of one man's experience -- handled with surprising objectivity... Facts that should be known, if a market can be found.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 1945
Publisher: Roy