KILLERS IN AFRICA by Alexander Lake


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An American professional big game hunter reveals many secrets and tricks of his trade as he emphasizes the only dangers of African animal hunting. These are ignorance, carelessness and foolishness- and the little mistakes that add up to committing suicide- and are the real reasons for big game tourists' (not the real sportsmen) tall tales. The headaches the would-be big shots cause the professionals, the meat hunter versus the sporting breed, camera and bring-them-back-alive expeditions, and all sorts of inside information about the hunted. Lions (and how a pride is trained to be killed), the bluff of the hippo, crocodiles, leopards, gorilla, baboons, snakes, antelope,- the complete staff is here together with the unequalled native tracker, Ubusuku, who found game and killed, no matter what. And there is the feeling of the long, hot monotony, of the steady diet of hunting and shooting which is relieved by exceptional incidents which add to the reality. It may not threaten Hunter but it is a competitor.

Publisher: Doubleday