THE WINE OF ETNA by Alexander Maron
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A sensitive, candid reconstruction of a gap in war, a brief space to breathe when a British infantry troup is allowed a few weeks' rest in Sicily between campaigns. Primarily this is the story of a whole group of soldiers and civilians trying to reestablish a normal pattern of life within a framework of war that makes their attempt futile but poignant. Especially it is the love story of Sgt. Craddock and Graziella, their pathetic attempt to achieve a sincere, satisfying relationship despite their totally different backgrounds, the brief unreality of the time allotted them. A story of wholly believable realism without sordidness, an upset of social morals which is understandable, and although tragic this leaves a conviction of humanity's essential decency. A compelling segment of the past war which in its excellent characterization, humor and pathos is a worthy successor to From The City, From The Plough.

Pub Date: May 3rd, 1950
Publisher: Ives Washburn