THE RENEWAL OF MAN by Alexander Miller


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The sub-title, ""A Twentieth Century Essay on Justification by Faith"" is more descriptive of the aim and scope of this book than the title. ""Man at the End of ther"" is the heading of the first chapter and is also the starting point of the thesis that mankind today needs not so much new resolutions as a rescue from its present disillusionment and despair which is illustrated in the writings of men like Arthur and Graham Greene Robert Penn Warren. The rescue of mankind can come men pas through the religious experience which has been described historically justification by faith"". This Reformation doctrine admittedly needs reinterpretation for modern man it is to accomplish this reinterpretation that this book is written. This leads him into the realm of philosophy and Christian ethics. His argument is and interesting. As the author deals with the place of religion in home, and in education he has given us a volume which is intensely practical sound in scholarship. Whether he will be successful in bringing ""justification into common usage is another question.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday