AIR POWER: Key to Survival by Alexander P. de Seversky

AIR POWER: Key to Survival

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Again an insistent, impassioned plug for air power which, although de Seversky claims that this is a critical time as we re-arm again, has not the immediacy of the first book Victory Through A Power to carry it to a popular public. Answering back and attacking other strategists throughout the text, de Seversky argues that our aeronautical potential is neglected; that Russia's strength is our own creation; that it is wrong to assume that the next war will be fought on the same lines as the last; that the Navy is obsolescent; that the atom bomb presents the same problem of delivery as other weapons and its powers of devastation have occasioned much hysteria; that the Battles of Germany and Britain have produced an underestimation of the effectiveness of air power; that we must think of air power as a fighting force as well as a bombing force; that it is important to re-arm Europe; and finally that two thirds of our national defense effort should go to the Air Force.... A book which once again will cause controversy, although the reaction will probably be limited to specialists rather than the general reader.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster